Democratic Republic of Congo

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Democratic Republic of Congo

This coffee is rich and full bodied. Berry fruit flavours with a long lingering, cocoa aftertaste.

Good for all methods and is my pick out of the single origins for espresso

Co-operative: SOPACDI (Solidarite Paysanne la Promotion de Actions Café et Development Integras)

Location: South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo
Elevation: 1460 to over 2000 metres
Varieties: Bourbon
Certification: FLO, IMO Organics

SOPACDI is a cooperative made up of many ethnic groups in a country which has been devastated by violence and poverty. These farmers speaking many different languages are united in one vision: to improve their families’ lives and their communities through coffee. Using the proceeds from the sale of their coffee, they have built coffee nurseries, offices, a cupping lab and two washing stations. SOPACDI offers its farmers access to education, which enables them to take measures to combat soil erosion, plant new seedlings from the cooperative nurseries and learn about organic composting and mulching.


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