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Rwanda Ejo Heza

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Rwanda Ejo Heza
Rwanda Ejo Heza

Sweet dark chocolate lingering flavours combined with malty and slightly tobacco like aromas.

Good for all methods and is my pick out of the single origins for espresso

Co-operative: Ejo Heza

Location: Rutsiro district, Western Province, around 10 km east of Lake Kivu
Certification: FLO, Control Union Certifications. 

Ejo Heza is a women’s producer group within the Kopakama co-operative

Ejo Heza which means ‘a better tomorrow’ has as its key objectives to empower women and the promotion of unity and reconciliation within a community which was torn apart by the genocide of 1994.

By being part of the Ejo Heza women’s producer group, members earn extra income which allows them to cover school expenses for their children, and for other important household improvements such as buying mattresses as a more comfortable sleeping option to the mats they have been using until now.  They can also access loans through their membership which provides them extra opportunities to increase their coffee production, or else to set themselves up with alternative sources of revenue such as buying cows which produce a regular supply of milk and manure.

By working together, and by finding a better market for their coffee under fair trade terms, the women of Ejo Heza are already starting to realise their dream of a better tomorrow.

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