Ethiopia Sidama

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Ethiopia Sidama

Elegant and fragrant with a mild orangey aroma; it is very sweet and juicy with soft citrus acidity and a complex lime leaf/malty flavour, good smooth body and a lingering sweetness.

Co-operative: Sidama Coffee Farmer's Cooperative Union, Sidama Zone

Region: Southern Nationalities and peoples State, Sidama Zone

Certification: FLO, BCS, Oko-garantie

Elevation: 1500-2100 MASL

Varietals: Indigenous Ethiopian varieties

S.C.F.C.U. is the second largest cooperative union in Ethiopia, and is a tribal based organisation set up to market the coffee produced by Sidama farmers. Primary co-operatives invest theirfair trade social premiums into construction of schools, transportation, electricity, flour mills and warehouses. The Union is focused on improving coffee production infrastructure and support. The cooperative is based around its washing stations, and in harvest season there is a constant stream of members delivering their days-worth of coffee on foot or donkey or motorbike. It is then graded as cherry, pulped, fermented, washed and laid out to dry on ‘African Beds’.


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